July 4, 2012


To me, the Fourth of July ALWAYS means time for a Flag Cake! So I went to the store to get ingredients and started work, only to find that I didn't have any measuring cups or spoons in my new apartment. As Sam knows, I'm not one for sticking to recipes anyway, so I figured I could make due estimating with a 1.25 cup tupperware container and a spoon. And it worked! Score for the people like me out there who scoff at following recipes. Just in case you're wondering, this recipe is the basis of my cake.

Once you have a 9 by 13 pan of luscious white cake, make a vanilla buttercream frosting, such as this. Spread onto cake and decorate with blueberries and sliced strawberries (you could do red raspberries, if you prefer). Store in the refrigerator until serving. Happy Fourth!



  1. i'm not sure what sort of bizzaro world you live in where america has 42 states and 11 founding colonies, but this still looks pretty baller

  2. its a world where sugar matters more than math...is this chuck?