December 28, 2013

Gingerbread Marina City

Also known as the corn cob buildings.

So two years ago, I was involved in the making of a geodesic dome gingerbread house.

...and from that, the non-traditional gingerbread house tradition was born.

I spent this holiday season with my husband's family which includes a family of architects, designers....and one molecular cellular biology graduate student. When we sat down to brainstorm what to make out of gingerbread this year, the graduate student suggested that we do Marina City in Chicago. For those of you unfamiliar....(feel free to google)


The water is made of royal icing dyed blue!

That's Phil of! He did all the math and designing of Marina City, I was the cheap hired labor. For those of you interested, Phil is also a designer in real-life and does freelance work for real (or gingerbread) things.

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